Thread: Class accessor functions returning strings?

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    Question Class accessor functions returning strings?

    I have been fooling around with classes lately, but so far the only variables I've been able to successfully return are integral ones, (mostly of type int and float). I am not exactly sure how to make this program work the way I want it to, and I could use a little assistance.

    //Simple class program, self explanatory. Uses inline definitions//
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <string.h>

    class cat
    char getname() {return itsname[10];}
    void setname(char name[10]) {itsname[10] = name[10];}

    int getage() {return itsage;}
    void setage(int age) {itsage = age;}

    int getheight() {return itsheight;}
    void setheight(int height) {itsheight = height;}

    int itsage;
    int itsheight;
    char itsname[10];

    int main()
    int age;
    int height;
    char name[10];
    cout << "\nWhat is your cat's name?";
    cin >> name;

    cout << "\nHow old is your cat?";
    cin >> age;

    cout << "\nHow tall is your cat?";
    cin >> height;

    cat one;
    cout << "\nCat one's name is " << one.getname();
    cout << "\nOne's age is " << one.getage() << " years old";
    cout << "\nOne's height is " << one.getheight() << " cm tall";
    return 0;

    This program compiles fine, but when I enter the name, no matter what I put, it always comes out as a @ (yes, the 'at' symbol). It does the same thing whether or not I use #include <string.h>
    ok, thanks for your time

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    chars are not strings. You need to either use std::string (I recommend them), or use char*.

    // BROKEN.. returning a single character
    char getname() {return itsname[10];}
    // fixed, returning whole name
    char* getname() { return itsname;}
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    I tried making the change you suggested. Although the program still compiles successfully, it does not tell me the cat's name, it keeps outputting some weird symbol, not the name I enter. I think there is more I have to change than just the char* getname() {return itsname;}

    Also, I don't know how to use std::string.

    -thanks again :-)

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    char getname() {return itsname[10];}
    void setname(char name[10]) {itsname[10] = name[10];}

    Both of those functions are wrong. When using char * or char[] for strings you must use the strcpy function to copy them

    void setname(char * name) { strpy(itsname,name); }
    char getname() { return itsname;}

    You were getting weird symbols cus the string were never filled in
    Look into using <string> and <iostream>
    the string class is very easy to use
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
       string str1,str2,str3;
      str1 = "Hi there";
      str2 = str1 + ", whats your name";
      str3 = "The string class has alot of operators overloaded";
     cout << str1 << endl << str2 << endl << str3 << endl;
     return 0;
    Here is a reference

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    Cool Thanx!!!!

    Hey thanks a lot!! That is very useful information!!

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    Question Using Namespace std;

    Exactly why did you include the 'using namespace std' in your code? Doesn't it work without it? I have never seen that before, so i am a little bit confused.

    I have gotten a little bit better though, so thanks again.

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    using namespace std; allows you to leave off the std:: part of std::cout, and yes some compilers allow the old method of using headers that end in .h and not including std:: but it should not be relied on as the C++0x revision is coming near and may completely wipe out the global namespace which would call for major modifications of all code that is currently improper but working.

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