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    I've been asked to find a work placement as part of my course at university, so I'm helping friends with an online shop they are trying to set up.

    They want me to make a program that automatically checks the amount they have (using their database), and updates it in the program, exporting it to a file.

    I'd also like to put some error checking and such in, to make sure both values tally up (the one in the MySQL database is the same as the one in the saved file for each program).

    One of my other friends advised me to use MySQL++, and said I only needed to link the library file.

    I have no idea how I check to make sure I've linked it all correct, because I have no idea how to start a connection. He didn't have chance to tell me how to do that before I had to leave.

    Could anyone explain to me how I open a connection and execute a query?

    The code would be very much appreciated so I can look at it and edit it to execute all the queries I require.

    Many Thanks for Any Help

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    Have you tried consulting the MySQL++ documentation?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup (2000-10-14)
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    Based on your post, the most fruitful use of your time at university would be to take some communication and writing courses.

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