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    Weird Question maybe

    Hi i think this is kinda a weird qeustion to post here, but id give it a try.
    Since you ppl are all into the program stuff, i have a question. Do you where to find a Visual Basic 3 decompiler. I really need one and i searched for it everywhere. Perhaps on of you lads uses one? Could you tell me where to download it.

    Cheers m8's

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    Well, if I remember correctly then way back when in VB3 there was no support for compiling to an actual .EXE, so I assume that opening the file up in notepad would give you the source...

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    HMM well VB is scum but...

    afaik vb doesnt compile to exe but is intepreted (may be not but..)
    also you cannot decompile to a high level language - you can decompile an exe to assembler or to binary but not a hll
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    In the newer versions there's an option to do a full compile.

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