Thread: Windows Form?

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    Question Windows Form?


    i'v read a few of the nice tutoreals that tell you how to making nice windows based programs with guis but i havnt been abe to figure out how on eath do you make a multi form program. do you make diffrent functions or somthing?

    i would be greatful for any help ( and source code )
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    What's a multi-form? I've done some Windows programming, but I don't know what that is... It sounds like Visual Basic terminology. I know somebody who programs VB, and he talks about "forms."

    Maybe post your question on the Windows forum....

    And, if you are going to do Windows Programming I recommend you get Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. It's covers just about everything.

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    1) check the windows board
    2) the code in your sig has a few syntax errors.
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    I think he means an MDI application. I've never written one but there must be some material out there on it - Google.
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    make an MFC application with M$ Visual C++ and MDI is a snap to make. The IDE wizard will generate all the basic code for your.

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