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    MSVC++ 2005 Express Ed

    I spent half the day downloading Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition yesterday from the website, and I have to say I am very dissapointed. I even downloaded the platform SDK. The thing I am upset about is the fact that when I tried to create a new project, It kept saying "project creation failed" then cut out!
    I got really annoyed in the end and went back to good ol' DevC++
    but the reason I brought this up is I am wanting to know if any one has had this issue and is there a way around it, could it be a fault in the software? I have 2003.NET as well, but I rarely use it.

    One more point, I couldnt find a site for MSVC++ 2005 Exp bete 2
    I was wondering if it is still free, but after the hassle of yesterday s it really worh me wasting more time?

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    The thing I am upset about is the fact that when I tried to create a new project, It kept saying "project creation failed" then cut out!
    I dont get that problem... could it be due to a botched install like what seems to happen to some Dev-C++ users?
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    There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the C++ express install, especially if you had previously used the betas. The beta must me uninstalled first, then the .net 2.0 beta framework must be unistalled next. If you unistalled them in the reverse order, you will have problems installing c++ express. If you didn't unistalled the .net 2.0 beta, you will have problems. Now that you have tried to install the c++ express, if one of the scenerios I mentioned above was/is true. You must unintall c++ express, unistall any beta express products and unistall .net 2.0 beta framework. You then need to get a program on ms website to clean out leftovers from the unistall. ( I will see if I can find a link to it, but don't know it off-hand) Then you can reeinstall vc++ express.

    btw, there are no more betas, VS 2005 full and all the Express versions are final versions. There are some betas that are for Vista, but I am guessing you are not running Vista

    *** edit *** link:

    The link to the tool to clean your system is right after item 8.
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    I just downloaded it last week and besides the problem of download size 400+MB + Service Pack 2 (75MB) with my non-highspeed connection I'm pleased with the end result. Finally have a replacement for my old VC++ 6.0 . Express 2005 has some nice features and is up-to-date.. I had zero installation problems, but didn't have any betas installed previously or .NET framework... shame you couldn't get it to work as its a worthy C++ environment.
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