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    Question Virtual Data Base

    I want to create dynamically a virtual data base in the memory, and then execute queries on the data base. How can I do it?
    BTW, the data base includes some tables with relationships.


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    Why do you want it in memory instead of on the hard drive? If you want to do SQL queries then you will need an sql database engine such as Microsoft Jet Engine for MS Access databases. Initially create the database and tables using MS Access then you can write programs to insert, update and delete rows, and do all the queries you want. But all those requests are filtered through the database engine and your program does not access the database files directly. If your program uses ODBC functions then it will be able to access almost any database in the world as long as you have it installed on your computer or a network computer.
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    OK, I'm going to assume you've been programming for a week, and that your previous program was "hello world".

    Now, are you going to provide some actual information, like for example why mysql is totally inadequate for your task?
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    You can use in-memory databases with SQLite.
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