Thread: kbhit() for enter key? not working

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    kbhit() for enter key? not working

    I'm trying to make a loop to build a string while the program is running. When the enter key is hit I want to process the string. Basically I want gets() without blocking. So I'm trying to use kbhit() to do this.

    PHP Code:
                if (kbhit())
    str[stri] = getch();
    cout << str[stri];

                        if (
    str[stri] == '\n')
    //rakClientInterface->RPC("PrintMessage", str, (strlen(str)+1)*8, HIGH_PRIORITY, RELIABLE, 0, false);


    stri 0;
    str[0] = '\0';

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    Is this a win32 console program? Because if it is, don't try to use kbhit().

    Here's an alternative:
    // Waits for keypress event and returns that key (virtual-key code)
    WORD GetKeypress()
    	HANDLE hStdIn = GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE);
    	INPUT_RECORD irEvent;
    	DWORD dwNumEventsRead;
    	WORD wReturn;
    	for (;;)
    		WaitForSingleObject(hStdIn, INFINITE);
    		PeekConsoleInput(hStdIn, &irEvent, 1, &dwNumEventsRead);
    		if ((irEvent.EventType == KEY_EVENT) && (irEvent.Event.KeyEvent.bKeyDown))
    			ReadConsoleInput(hStdIn, &irEvent, 1, &dwNumEventsRead);
    			wReturn = irEvent.Event.KeyEvent.wVirtualKeyCode;
    			return wReturn;
    			ReadConsoleInput(hStdIn, &irEvent, 1, &dwNumEventsRead);
    And if you're not implementing a Windows console program, then sorry.
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    Its a console aplication, not a win32. I commented the raknet function and put in system("PAUSE") just to see if it was working, but its not executing system("PAUSE") I don't think. Its not outputing Press any key to continue . . . and when I hit enter it doesn't terminate the program.

    Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong and a solution to fix it?

    If not can anyone tell me a good place to learn windows threads?

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    Try outputting str[stri] in hex as you read it with getch(). You'll probably find, as I did, you are checking for the wrong character in your IF.
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    Which compiler are you using?
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