Thread: convert from integer to string

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    convert from integer to string

    hi, can someone give some idea on how to convert the integer that bring up from the functions and make the integers into one strings..

    for example

    sqrtOfMonth(month); // this solution is 2
    cout<<numPrimeFactor(year)<<endl;// this solution is 2
    largestPrimeFactor(year);// this solution is 283
    octalDay(day);// this solution is 35
    cout<<counter;// this solution is 6

    how can i make these single numbers and convert it to one string.
    and i want the output to be like 22 28 33 56.. in string..

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    you could use stringstreams...
    #include <iostream>	//for standard I/O
    #include <sstream>	//for stringstreams
    #include <string>	//for strings
    int main()
    	std::string line;	//this will hold the output
    	std::stringstream ss(std::ios::out);	//this will format the output
    	ss<<2<<2<<283<<35<<6;	//put the integers onto the stream
    	line=ss.str();		//output the stream into line
    	ss.str("");		//clear the stream
    	for(unsigned int i=0;i<line.length();i++)	//loop through each char
    		if(i%2==0 && i>0)	//for every two
    			ss<<' ';	//put a space on the stream
    		ss<<;		//put the character on the stream
    	line=ss.str();	//save the stream to line
    	std::cout<<line<<std::endl;	//output line
    	return 0;
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    hi, i still need help .. can you help....can we discuss using email...
    my email is [email protected]

    waiting for ur email ... so that i can tell you my problem

    thank you ..
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