Thread: A simple printing question

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    A simple printing question

    Okay I know somtimes we make a mistake with even the simplest thing!

    Im trying to print out a string followed by an integer value, but don't want to print it out directely to the screen as I am using it in a function.

    int percent;

    cout << "Percantage " << percent;



    string str = "Percentage" + percent;
    cout << str;

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    You need to convert percent to string. See the FAQ
    A quick code:
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	ostringstream ostr;
    	double num = 15.5;
    	ostr << num;
    	string percent_str =  ostr.str();
            cout<<"Percent "+ percent_str;
    	return 0;
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    but that is outputting the string directly to the screen, i want to be able to store it as a string as i wouldbe using that to display via another function. I thougt if u you the concat operator + with a string and a number it would automatically convert the number to a string and concantenate it?

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    string str = "Percentage ";
    str += percent;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirdra
    string str = "Percentage ";
    str += percent;
    I believe this won't work since the concatenation operator will only accept char*, char or std::string so i believe you must always work with something like Micko suggested to convert the int (or any other type) to any of the accepted types, being std::string the easier one to achieve.


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