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    Very simple question


    Ive only just started learning C++ (yesterday), and ive already come across a problem.

    part of code:
    cout<<"Please Enter your address: ";
    cin>> ady;

    whenever i come to typing in the address part i press enter and it exits cmd.

    So if i wanted somone to type in "gordon street" for entering an address would it be a char, int, or float as a variable?

    sorry if i havent explained very well, im a little confused

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    That would be string type.

    string adr;
    cout << "Enter your address"<<endl;
    cin >> adr;
    cout <<"The address you typed is:"<< adr;


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    int and float only take numbers, such as 1, 2, 3 ... The only data type left is character array which can contain anything you type on the keyboard and some you can't type.

    when you using the insert operator (the ">>" operator) cin will stop reading at the first space, so if you enter "gordon street" all you will get in the variable is the word "gordon". If you want everything including spaces you need to use getlin() instead
    std::string ady;
    cout<<"Please Enter your address: ";
    getline(cin, ady);

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    Thanks Guys.

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