Thread: Question about printing a variable???

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    Question about printing a variable???

    Forgive me for being vague in this question. I'm trying to help a co-worker out with a problem he's got. So from what I understand:

    We have a variable of type double that is declared and initialized outside of a loop. We enter the loop and the variable is then calculated with some other variables and printed to a column in a spreadsheet. Each time through the loop, the variable is re-calculated and again printed to the spreadsheet with a new value. What we would like to do is quit printing the variable and instead leave the cell blank once the variable reaches a certain value. I can't quite figure out how to do this. Even though the variable has a value, how do you print a blank, and still maintain the same loop conditions to print the variable if it hasn't reached the "no print" value?

    Once again, sorry if this is vague. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    How are you "printing to a spreadsheet" in your program? Are you writing to a CSV (comma-seperated-value) file that you later open with your spreadsheet program?
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      if (var<=stopVal)
        //print it
        //leave a blank
    Is this close to what you want? I'm not sure I entirely understand your problem...
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