Thread: help with borland c++ GUI

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    help with borland c++ GUI

    Hi guys
    i m very new to c++ programming so please give me your guidance... i m usin borland version 5 for my c++ programming

    i m supposed to develop a porgram like this one
    i can't post the program

    i do not know how to start?? can anyone help??

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    Here's a good Windows GUI Programmng Tutorial.

    You're trying to make a web form?

    That might not be done in C++. Maybe HTML with a little JAVA or PHP, or C#...

    In C++, graphics and GUI are advanced topics... usually not for beginners. In fact, there are no graphics, color, networking/internet, mouse, or sound in ANSI/ISO standard C++! If you were learning C++ in college, you would probably take 2 semesters of standard C++ before learning any GUI or graphics.

    You can do it with your Borland compiler because it includes the Windows API library in addition to the standard C++ stuff.

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