Thread: I just bought a book on C++, and I need a little help

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    Unhappy I just bought a book on C++, and I need a little help

    I just bought SAMS, "Teaching yourself C++ in 24 hours" (Third Edition) I am only 14, and the C++ language is extremely complex. I have some experience in HTML, but I don't see much connection except for the < and > symbols. I hate tutorials. I wish to make a program that displays pics. Is that possible, or am I thinking HTML to much. If someone could give me an idea of what C++ is, and basically the differences it possesses in comparison to HTML? Thank you.

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    Well, HTML is manly used to display text and pics on the web (as you know), while C++ is a powerful programming language. This language allows you to write simple programs such as

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
    cout << "Hello World" << endl;
    return 0;
    or complex programs with involve generating your own data structures and graphics engines.

    If you like HTML why not give XML a go, similar to HTML but is much more powerful, the syntax will be fimilar to you, but it leads into a programming mind set.

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    C++ is a programming language while HTML is not. A programming language needs a compiler to compile the code into BINARY or 1 & 0's while HTML is just a file. HTML can be called a parsing language becuase a computer program called a browser parses the HTML tags to find the values within and then displays what the tag represents where it was asked to be displayed.

    I would purchase MS Visual C++ 6.0 as your next purchase if you decide to keep up with the C++. It is a very good compiler, you'll need a compiler that you can use in order to effectively learn the language and it will still take you about 1 year to learn C++ and then another year to effectively learn the proficiency to use it well.

    C++ is a very good choice to learn since once you know it is easy to learn other comp. languages as well such as Java, javascript, and other Object oriented languages.

    If you are a windows user it might be easier for you to learn Visual Basic (VB) since structure wise it is similar to HTML in that it contains Start and End tags. It's a good start as a transitional from HTML to a programming language such as C++.

    FUNCTION ---()
    'some code

    * As a side note, Most computer games, I would argue, for XBox, GameCube, PS2, and the PC are written in C++. The longer you stick with it the less complicated it will seem.

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    i would stick to C++ if i were you, it is the industry standard language (if anyone tries to argue that java is - i will castrate them!) It will be challenging but well worth it in the end and yoyu will recieve a lot of support from all the programmers here.

    First you must stop making comparisons between html and c++ they are very very different, you cannot write applications in html, it is purely for formatting whereas many millions of programs have been written in C++.

    Try it see if you like it, which compiler are you uisng btw?
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    try learning vb first

    im learning c++ now, and i took a year of vb programming last year

    vb teaches you the thought process behind object oriented programming and that should help you later with c++ (even if vb is a relatively useless language after c++)
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    I've got to agree with the XML post. If your reading that book and just not "getting it", then move to XML, then come back to C++ later. You have plenty of time. It took me a year and a half to move from HTML to Java programming. No, I didn't read the book that long, I would read a chapter or two, and then put it up, thinking I would never do it. Another option is Javascript. It will work inside your HTML files, and will teach programming a little better.

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    programming languages...

    HTML is technically a language, just not one in the classic sense, also the definition that code must be turned into ones and zeros isn't really true either, as some languages are interpreted (Perl) and the 1's and 0's is simply a temporary state (similar to HTML) I would have to say that if you are 14 and really want to learn C++ is a great language (i'm 15 now but i learned C when i was 12 and C++ last year) Visual Basic leads to a few things including laziness, mockery at hands of people who know better languages (C++, Java, Perl), and bad style. C++ is hard but well worth it as there is hardly anything that can't be done. (from Max Payne to Netscape to Windows XP)

    btw i feel that you shouldn't worry about Object Orientation until you grasp the basic syntax of a language, making VB completely useless (to me that is, no offense to VB people out there)

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    I am 13. I have been programming for two years in C++ only. Now, my original intent was to just get a picture of the screen. I figured it couldn't be that hard, right? WRONG. I found that graphical programming is a very advanced topic. I'm only delving into it now. So I say, if you want to go the whole nine yards, good luck. But if you just want to do something simple, yet complex, choose something more like an online Javascript applet.

    PS: 24 hour books suck (in my humble opinion; lol). You need to use a nice, slow one.
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    When u read the title of the book, just think about it. Think about how complicated it must be to write a program. Now, if a book tells u it will be able to tell u how to program after 1 day, does that sound possible? Even if it does give u all of the information, it is impossible to remember it all. In school, teachers review things many times before moving on. In a book, the topic will probably go away. So, make sure u read each section twice to reinforce it. It will take u longer but u will be much more intelligent after u finish.

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