Thread: A few questions on system()

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    A few questions on system()

    I've been reading a lot of posts recently and found out that's it's baaaad to call system() functions such as "cls" and "PAUSE".

    I'm fine to use
    cout << "Please press enter to continue.";
    but I don't know how to implement a "cls" style command without calling the system or downloading some version of conio.h that has cls(); and other old functions.

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    you can't in any standard way, but each OS has it's own ostensibly safe way to do it.

    edit: check the FAQ. I personally recommend option 5.
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    why is it so bad to use the system(); calls. i use cls all the time...

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    I spose system pause is one that could be easily avoided...but is it as much of a crome to use cls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReLiEnThAwK
    why is it so bad to use the system(); calls. i use cls all the time...
    Search the boards and you'll surely find the answer to that - I remember answering it a while ago. No, I'm not answering again.
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