Thread: A clever way to name unknown amount of variables

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    A clever way to name unknown amount of variables

    Hi dee Ho again people!

    I have a lil problem. I'm trying to do a vector containing vectors... And in case some of you visit multiple boards as I do, yes I did this same post on one another board... Reason is that I need to solve the problem. asap.
    Well, basically there's no problem, but... I do not know how many vectors the vector containing vectors will contain

    Problem is that I do not have those vectors already created, so I should first create right amount of vectors inside a vector, before starting to feed values in them.

    I tried following:

    vector< vector<string> > mainvector;
    vector<string> *col_na = new vector<string>[ncols];
    //I tried to do an array of string type vectors first, and there the ncols is int type variable telling how many of those I need.
    // there the mainvector should now contain those other vectors.

    This compiles ok with -Wall flag, but when I run it only thing happens is

    matti@linux:~> ./test

    Any ideas how to do this? Is there a way to use something stored in a stringvariable as a name for those vectors I wish to store inside the mainvector, instead of using array of pointers?

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    Compiles and runs fine for me. Your error is somewhere else.

    But your description is not very clear. What exactly is it that you want?
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    isn't that the same as something like this?
    typedef vector<string> COLS;
    vector<COLS> array;
    array.resize(n); // now array will contain n number of COLS vectors

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    There is no need to use new. This works:
    vector< vector<string> > mainvector(ncols, vector<string>());
    If you don't know what ncols is at the time you construct mainvector, then you can use resize, or create vector<string>s on the stack and use push_back to add (copies of) them to the mainvector.

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    A clever way to name an unknown amount of variables?

    That statement isn't clever in itself much less the method that I still haven't seen anywhere in this post.

    When do you have an unknown amount of variables?

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