Thread: How can I monitor the performance of my C++ Code?

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    Unhappy How can I monitor the performance of my C++ Code?

    I've have been working on a C++ game (DirectX).Until few days back it was working fine but after the edition of some new features , it is now too sluggish. I've tried to debug it,alter code, remove some features and even scanned my system for viruses. But the game still scrolls like a screen- saver :-(.
    Does someone know about a good C++ profiler (performance analysis tool) that can pinpoint performance bottlenecks in my code.I know of a few tools in .NET.One that is very good is ProfileSharp from It is a .NET code, performance and memory profiler that discovers slow running lines of code even without recompiling or modifying your code!
    Never heard of any such tool for C++.

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    There are many C++ profilers, here's a free one you can try

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