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    Am writing an MFC program that reads and updates a database(MS Access Db) using ADO. I have been able to create a form to manipulate one table in the database. Am not able to switch from one window/form to another so that I can access the other tables. I need help. You can send a code for this in an example or even lead me to helpful resources.If you can do it in ODBC or any other Db access method, please feel free to send it. Thanks.

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    Too vague. Where are you having trouble with the coding? Show us what you have so far and we can help from there. Also, if this is a problem with the MS Access end and not the MFC program, then this is probably more suited in the tech board. If you're having specific problems with the MFC, then you can check here:
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    Thank you for allerting me. maybe I should make it clearer.My problem actually is not with the database i.e MS Access,but rather on writing the code to implement switching of the windows. My database is made up of two tables, customers and invoices. The application is meant to fill customer details(name,customer number, invoice number,telephone and address),update them,navigate through each record and be able connect to the invoices form which will enable the user to fill the invoice details(invoice number, date of issue,customer number,amount) as pertains to a particular customer. Using ADO(ActiveX Data Objects), I have managed to do with the customers' form. I honestly have no idea on how to insert the invoices form and particularly how to connect it with the customers' form.(the code for the main frame) this is where I need help.If you can do this using ODBC,please feel free to help.Am ready to give any clarification if still am not clear. Hank you.

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