Thread: !!!!!!!!!show or hide scrollbox/ Menus!!!!!!

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    Unhappy !!!!!!!!!show or hide scrollbox/ Menus!!!!!!

    1.I am using Borland c++ 5 Builder Enterprise. I would like my program to show or hide a scrollbox when i click on a picture.

    2. I want borland to display a menu when i left click a button.

    Please help:

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    1. Use the images event "OnClick" and use something like:

    Form1->VertScrollBar->Visible = !(Form1->VertScrollBar->Visible);

    but make form1 whatever you want to show/hide the scroll bar for

    2. i guess you mean using a popup menu

    use the button's event "OnClick" and put

    TPoint m = Mouse->CursorPos;
    PopupMenu1->Popup(m.x, m.y);

    correct me if I am wrong or if I messed up what you were asking

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