Thread: Taking a Programming Test and need help with something.

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    Taking a Programming Test and need help with something.

    First time posting and I would appreciate any input on what I should do.

    I learned to program (very recently) from the book c++ without fear and C++ something or other im at work dont have book, and come to find out I need 3 credit hours in order to fulfill my computer programming requirements for my degree (nuclear engineering tech.). The only classes they offer a test (ie tecep same as a clep) for is C programming, Qbasic and Basic. There is a c++ programming class however they require basic and c in order to meet the prerequisites. So instead of sitting through a class I want to test out of it.

    I have a link to what will be on the test and if I should go back and learn the little niches within C vice C++. Do you feel that I could pass with my C++ knowledge based on the link provided below on the test description.

    thank you guys ahead of time i really appreciate this website and board helped me a ton although i am mainly a spectator.

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    Watch the cross posting.

    Yes, those example questions would appear to show the real test is quite simple. If you know C like you said you did, then you should have no problem with it. Did you have trouble answering those questions?
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