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    Quick sockets question

    Okay. I've decided to begin learning (networking) sockets. My question is this. Im on windows xp. I use MSVC++ 6 compiler. I program for DOS right now. What sockets library do I use, and is it already included for MSVC++ or do I have to get it?

    Ive seen GNU socket libraries, and also heard of something like winsock. What do I use?

    Also, I found a few small sockets tutorials, but nothing major. Does anyone know of some good ones?

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    AFAIK, If you're programming specifically for a windows system, then Winsock is your best bet. The other option is BSD (or berkeley) sockets, which is what winsock is based on.

    Also, I'd refer you to the networking board. There's a sticky there with some useful links.
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    this is what i learnt winsock from ..

    there is also udp sockets

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