Thread: Check for an integer, fail if anything else

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    ok, well what i have done is when i enter n, i store that value as a string.

    now then, i read from that file, an integer q, and read the same value, a float p.

    then i set up a while loop saying that when q-p is not equal to zero, then it brings about an error.

    thanks for all the advice.

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    In your posted code, you use while(!(cin >> a)), but you didn't put the cin.clear() and cin.ignore() inside that while loop. It won't work without them.

    If you want to make sure n is an int, you can change your loop to the following. It checks to see if there is anything typed after the integer is read in, so if the user types 3.6, the 3 will be read in and the . will cause it to give the error:
        while(!(cin >> n) || cin.get() != '\n')     // If the stream fails from bad input
     	cin.clear();             // Clear the fail state
       	cin.ignore(1000, '\n');   // Clear the buffer
       	cout << "Invalid statement, please re-enter: ";     // Reprompt

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    You want to make a cast...

    float x = p - (float)q;
    or put your intenger on a float

    float aux = q;
    result = p - aux;
    that is...

    so bb..


    Sorry for my poor english...

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    Or for another simple way of doing it, you could read in a string, and check for the presence of a '.' indicating a floating point number or any other non-numeric character, and reject it as you see it.

    Really though, I've not seen a valid use of goto's that come to mind, I am sure in some rare case they could be useful, but in every instance I've been tempted to use them, I find a loop much easier to read in any event.

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    aside to qqqqxxxx: What you really wanted to do is use a do-while loop.

    do {
    cout<<"enter a number"; 
    } while ((d-c)!=0);
    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who cringed when reading the beginning of this sentence and those who salivated to how superior they are for understanding something as simple as binary.

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