Thread: make the printer function on my program!!!!

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    make the printer function on my program!!!!

    hello all~~~
    i have question that can i print out my console window by using printer directly by enter some character in my program ???

    do you wan to print this console window? p

    after user enter p, the printer start printing the particular console window.

    i am using

    the program should run under console window app mode....


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    I'm really not understanding what you're asking...

    ...if you're talking about an actual print (that prints ink on a sheet of paper), then the simplest way would be to just open the printer port as a file and output to it like you would a text file.

    #include <fstream>
    int main() {
      std::ofstream Printer;"LPT1");   // This may not nessasarily be your printer port.
      Printer << "PRINTED TEXT. \f";  // The \f is formfeed.
      return 0;
    Also, you should understand that this has a ton of flaws. It only works assuming your printer can recieve plain text. For example, a PostScript printer won't print unless the output is coming through a PostScript printer driver. If you want to do it correctly, then look into some documentation on Windows XP and find out how to send the output to the OS's printer manager.
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    ya......wat i mean is print it on a paper....
    means when the user keep in some command the printer will start to print out the console window excute by the user on that time...

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    Some enviroments have a C file stream called stdprn.

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