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    Not a float

    What i am trying to do is to set a value for a. the value should be a number (float).

    but i need to make it so that if a char is entered, then the program will end, or say something like "this is incorrect. please try again".

    this is a sample of my code. if u need more please ask.

    cout << "Please enter the value for a, the lower bound  ";
    cin >> a;
    now, if i put a number in there it'll carry on doing whatever it does. but if i put a letter in, i'd like it to stop. so what's the way of saying

    "if a is not a flaot then.....
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    #include <limits>
    /* *** CODE HERE *** */
    std::cout << "Please enter the value for a, the lower bound  ";
    while(!(cin >> a))     // If the stream fails from bad input
       std::cin.clear();             // Clear the fail state
       std::cin.ignore(std::numeric_limits<streamsize>::max(), '\n');   // Clear the buffer
       std::cout << "Invalid statement, please re-enter: ";     // Reprompt
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    awesome..... thanks.

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