Thread: help with a simple game..

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    help with a simple game..

    I am making a simple game.
    And i need help with this :

    it is two walls on my game, and i want, so when the 'O' go in to an wall , then the 'O' shuld instantly be on the other wall

    and i think it is some :
    gotoxy(int x, int y)  code
    can anyone help me ??

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    Once I wrote a simple game with C (like the game in NOKIA phones). You should test the current position of the "O" each time, and if the position is on the wall, locate the cursor on the other side of the screen and then print it.

    If you are using Turbo C (which is rahter old!) you can use its graphics library for this (actually this was what I did)

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