Thread: how to create VC++ 2005 makefiles

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    how to create VC++ 2005 makefiles

    I have about 20 projects that I ported from eVC++ 3.0 into VC++ 2005. That went reasonably well. Now I need to generate makefiles so that these projects can be built from a batch file. With eVC++ 3.0 all I had to do was select menu Project --> Generate makefile. I don't see anything like that in 2005 IDE or in the project's property page. Searched MSDN but it was no help at all.

    Anyone know how to do it?


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    Not looking good for you, it seems. I found a thread in MSDN forums, and if Martin Richter is correct, "since VS 2002 there no such option to export a project as a makefile".
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    Thanks for the disappointing info -- I wonder why M$ did that???

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    M$ didn't do anything. Someone at Microsoft likely decided the effort to change the makefile generator for the new .NET functionality wasn't worth the benefits.

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    You can use the command line or automation interface to build your projects. It may not be that difficult if they are all in the same solution with proper dependencies.

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