Thread: What does const do in this code?

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    What does const do in this code?

    What is the difference between const and const int in this code? Can't you use just int?

    double priceCanadian(int priceUS)
    const double kgPerLb = .45;

    const double dollarsCanPerUS = 1.26;

    const int pennisePerDollar = 100;

    return priceUS/kgPerLb * dollarsCanPerUS/penniesPerDollar;

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    const ..... this shows the variable declared is constant. Cannot be changed throughout the program.

    const int ..... the int shows that the variable is of type integer.

    You could use just int alone, but then, the value of the variable can be changed throughout the program

    The difference between const double and const int is simply the type. Both variables are constant.

    Hope I've helped

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    Agree with marCplusplus. Just wanna add that const has a different use when u using pointers. i.e const int *number means that the actual value cannot be changed but it can point somewhere else. int const *number means that the value can be changed but it cannot point somewhere else.

    Veni Vide Vice

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    Actually I think the last one
    should be
    int *const number;

    easiest to read it from right to left so you
    say constant pointer to int. And for
    const int* number; and int const* int;
    pointer to a constant int

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