Thread: MSLU? Need help adding this in to project.

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    MSLU? Need help adding this in to project.

    In another topic I was trying to figure out why my program would not run on Windows 98. After doing much research, I believe the problem may be with UNICODE, and the steps to fix it are located here:

    However, I am confused on how to follow these steps. I am using Borland 5.5.

    How do I add things to the "link options"? And if any of you can translate the steps I would be eternally grateful.

    This has been a six month project, and the only problem now is not being able to run correctly on Windows 98 and ME. If this problem is fixed, my life will be full of celebration.

    Thank you to any help!

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    still confused on this lol. I have spent a good deal of time trying to figure it out on my own, im not just coming to you guys for help first.

    if anyone's done this or knows at least the "link options" help, i would love you forever.

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