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    Question FTPing a Text File To And From a Secure Domain

    Basically I need to use a guest username and password from inside an application to FTP to a site to get the IP of a server that isnt static. So my IP changes and I have to post the new IP everytime I do maintainence.
    Reading in the IP I am assuming would be simple, anonymouse could pull this off with read only access. However, I need also to FTP to the site with an update to standings for a gaming tournament everytime there is a change. Ugly huh? Anybody know where I would need to start looking?
    Im decent in C++. I have MSVC6, it's what I use.

    Merry Christmas. God Bless you and yours, - Zedd

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    If you were to program this, then all you would need is one field for the IP address. The rest you can make automated.

    1.) User (or automated DNS-to-IP lookup program) inputs the IP and starts the program.

    2.) The program uses the IP and starts a connection with the server, where it sends the username/password and gains access.

    3.) The program gets the standings file, and stores it temp on client computer.

    4.) Using the <ifstream b_file("standings.txt", ios::trunc);> (replace standings.txt with whatever), the C program copies the new standings <ofstream a_file("newstandings.txt")> to the server's standings file <a_file << b_file>, and that's updated.

    5.) The C program uploads the standings.txt file back to the server, logs out, and quits.

    This is what I assume you wanted, old friend? *stuff in < >'s are commands.*
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