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    Quick Question

    How do you delete a pointer to an array?


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    EDIT: Sorry if I was vague

    anything you new with [] you have to delete with []..

    I'm pretty sure that is the general rule of thumb

    So if you have a pointer to an array..

    and with that pointer you could do this pptr[]

    you need to delete it like this

    delete[] pptr[];

    My syntax might be off, but the idea is there
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    just: delete [] pptr;

    also, there are two reasons why it is extremely important to that syntax with arrays and *not* to use them on a single object:

    1) most implementations hide a count of the array elements either in front of or at the end of the data bytes. using the above syntax on a single object could cause a runtime error since the library would be trying to access the count which would probably not be appended to a single object.

    2) using the above syntax instructs the library to invoke the destructor on each element in the array.
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