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    Same Language = two concepts

    I know C++ quite well and have read alot of books on the langauge. I have also read game beginners programming in C++ as well.

    My point is this:

    If a noob wanted to program games in C++ learning from the bottom upwards, including Windows programing and OpenGL, would there be any point first reading a practical C++ book that has no approch to games at all, get all the knowledge to hand then buy a beginners game programming book and skip half the book because they already know half of it?

    I did this, and looking back now I wish I had read more on the Practical C++ side of it before moving on to games, because to be honest, even though it is the same language, it is used complelely differntly in a few areas, OOP for one!

    As a modest person, I would like to say to any noob game programer to read the practical side of it first, eg, pointers, classes and functions, and how a C++ program is written in general before reading a game programming book. The golden rule here is prior knowledge is essential, as you will not be thrown off gaurd at the complexity of game programing!

    Any other suggestions noted! thanks! - pete

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    uh... duh?

    I'd say not skipping the beginning bits are more about syntax though. Computer science is computer science. no matter what language you use it's basically the same. You can't expect writing drivers to be the same as writing simulation software, but the basics are all the same.
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