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    Talking banned sites

    ok, this sounds stupid, but im creating a nanny filter, i just need an updated list of banned sites, dont suppose anyone knows where i would get one

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    such lists are closely guarded secrets from the organisations maintaining them.
    Not just because there's money in them (takes time and effort to build and maintain them) but also because quite often there are things on there that shouldn't be (like sites from competitors, sites critical to such tools, and sites from political and social organisations which the toolmaker doesn't agree with).

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    Start off by banning

    (sorry, that couldn't be helped)

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    have you even created a content-based filter yet? simply using a blacklist is really easy to circumvent.
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    ah, the beauty of filters blocking images for having more than x% skintones
    Last time it was tried a medical school found a lot of reference sites blocked because the filter thought all those pictures of white bodies (which of course showed wounds and symptoms of diseases) were porn while pornsites with black and Asian girlies were quite accessible...

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