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        #include <iostream>
        #include <fstream>
        using namespace std;
        void f(const char *fname)
               ifstream fin(fname,ios::in | ios::binary);
                      cout << "File not opened";
         int main()
                system("notepad ABC");
    When the notepad opens the file something is written into the file
    and saved.But when f() opens the file the output shown : File not opened.How can i open the file from f()?
    (Tried on Dev C++ and Code Blocks 1.02rc)

    2. Is _unlink for removing a file from C++ outdated as i need to include io.h for it 2 work?How can i do so using new headers?

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    'ABC" is probably not the name of the file -- try "ABC.TXT" -- and if it was not saved in your program's current working directory then you will have to specify the full path, such as "C:\\MYDIR\\ABC.TXT"

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    avoid using system() calls

    it's potentially dangerous - who's to say I don't create a virus that replaces pause.exe with my own pause.exe (the virus). Your program would be happily spreading my virus and you would never know =)

    and why are you opening the file as binary when you wrote it as plain text?

    and if you use ifstream ios::in is assumed.
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