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    Really weird int problem

    Okay, I have this program that im making that's a login program. It uses classes, functions and everything, but what's giving me problems right now is a simple integer in the int main() section.

    Basically, I declare an int (doesnt matter if i declare it as an int or const int...same thing happens) and set it to a value. A few lines later I tell it to cout that value...and it outputs a different value than it should.

    int pass = 01103657;//'secret' password
    cout << pass;
    Here's the troublesome section of code:

    //Main Function
    int main()
    	//Variable declaration
    	int choice, count = 0, i;	
    	int idnum, pwd;
    	int pass = 01103657;//'secret' password
    	char firstname[26];
    	char lastname[26];
    	//Pointer to new data structure in class
    	Students *stdnt = new Students[100];//Students not logged in
    	//Students *stdnt2 = new Students[100];//Student logged in
    	do//Infinite(for now) Menu Loop
    		//Main Menu
    		system("cls");//Clear screen
    		cout << "**** MCC COMPUTER LAB LOGON ****\n";
    		cout << "       !!!PLEASE LOGIN!!!       \n\n";
    		cout << "Please choose:\n";
    		cout << "1. Login\n";
    		cout << "2. Logout\n";
    		cout << "3. New Student\n";
    		cout << "Pleas note that you are a New Student if\n"
    			<< "this is your first time here this semester!!\n\n";
    		cout << pass;
    		cin >> choice;//Enters menu choice
    When I run the program, the cout gives me '296879' instead of '01103657'.

    I can post the whole program if need be.

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    #include <iostream>
    int main() {
    	if (010 == 8) {
    		std::cout << "8 in decimal is 010 in octal\n"
    		          << "01103657 in octal is 296879 in decimal\n";
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    If you delete all the irrelevant lines, your program distills to this:
    int pass = 01103657;//'secret' password
    cout<<pass<<endl; //296879
    If you eliminate the leading 0, it displays the correct value. In C++, when you write integers with a leading 0, the compiler interprets that as an octal(base 8) representation of the integer value.

    You can use a C++ string type for the password instead:
    string password = "01103657";
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    Thanks for the replys. Shortly after I posted the question, i realized the answer, lol.

    Now im getting a new error with a different part of the program *sigh*

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    Post the whole code if you want to.

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