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    Arrow [Prob] Can't define array String

    Hi! I started a week ago with C++, but know already Delphi, various Blitz Dialects, PHP, SDL. So I'm not having that big troubles with C++, but now I have a little Problem: I create a structure with a) the Path to the imagefile and b) the data of the image to load it into the OpenGL Textures. My Code:

    struct Struct_Texture {
        char Path[16];
        GLuint Tex; 
    Struct_Texture Texture[20];
    The problem here is C++ related, when I want to declare with

    bool PreLoadTextures () {
        i = 0;
        Texture[0].Path = "images/nehe.bmp";
    the images Path I get the Error by the Compiler: "ISO C++ forbids assignment of Arrays". When I use char Path[100]; instead of char Path[16]; I get this: "Incompatible types in Assignment of 'const char[16]' to 'char[100]'" found no help with google. Hope some1 can help me!

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    Char arrays can only be initialized with a string literal. After a char array has been created, you need to use strcpy() to insert a series of characters into a char array.

    So I'm not having that big troubles with C++
    char arrays as strings are pretty confusing in C++.

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    Hey Thanks. I meant that I don't have much probs with the C++ Language, this is the first real problem I couldn't solve. And you are right these "strings" in C are just laughable.

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    you're using C. if you want to use C++, replace all instaces of the following
    char <varname>[<size>];
    std::string <varname>;
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    As Chaos Engine posted, the C++ string type is much easier to deal with. It was created to do away with the problems encountered when using char arrays for strings. Here is an example:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	string str = "hello";
    	str = str + " world";
    	return 0;

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