Thread: MSVC++ 2006? -WIndows vista?

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    MSVC++ 2006? -WIndows vista?

    I read online that Microsft is planning to release MSVC++ 2006 only for Windows vista when it is released? I hope this is not the case cause I really want to keep XP and the two I have which are
    MSVC++ 2003 and 2005.

    Could this be a rumor or a possible fact? Would the two compilers I have be adiquite for my needs without have to fork out for 2006?

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    If Microsoft releases MSVC++ 2006 only for Vista, you can keep using your 2005 or 2003 I think.
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    I know there is a special version of 2005(beta? or maybe an addon), but I think the difference is that vista has that new WinFX framework and the beta/addon is for programming that. You won't be able to do with 2003, 2005(as released), but Vista also supports the old win32 api so you will be able to do that.

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