Thread: Problem with recursive sorting

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    Problem with recursive sorting

    I don't want to sound like I'm too clueless to be helped, but I really don't have idea as to what the errors I'm getting mean, so I've attached the program to this post. Thanks to anyone who posts any helpful information. And yes, obviously, this is a CS assignment...which I may otherwise fail

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    The errors? There are thousands of errors. Any chance of getting specific? What errors?
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    #include "qsortcode.cpp"
    You shouldn't include a .cpp file directly. Search the board for more info.

    Here are the errors I get (not exactly "thousands"):
    user@3[tmp]$ g++ -W -Wall -ansi -pedantic -O2 -s -o qsorttest qsorttest.cpp
    qsorttest.cpp: In function `int main(int, char**)':
    qsorttest.cpp:119: error: `genIntDblArray' undeclared (first use this function)
    qsorttest.cpp:119: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
       each function it appears in.)
    qsorttest.cpp:155: error: cannot convert `int*' to `double*' for argument `1'
       to `void genDblDescArray(double*, int)'
    qsorttest.cpp:15: warning: unused parameter `int argc'
    qsorttest.cpp:15: warning: unused parameter `char**argv'
    qsortcode.cpp: In function `int ChoosePivot(T*, int, int) [with T = double]':
    qsortcode.cpp:52:   instantiated from `void Partition(T*, int, int, int&) [with T = double]'
    qsortcode.cpp:106:   instantiated from `void QuickSort(T*, int, int) [with T = double]'
    qsorttest.cpp:162:   instantiated from here
    qsortcode.cpp:33: warning: converting to `int' from `double'
    Maybe that will help.

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