Thread: how to search for something in the matrix which is( 2-D array)

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    how to search for something in the matrix which is( 2-D array)

    I want to know using either C/MATLAB , how to scan the image. I want to find out if there is any number of ones (1s) exist in the matrix.
    For example:
    Say, A matrix called M is 3x3. Now if M is a binary matrix:
    M = [ 0 0 1; 0 0 0; 1 1 0];
    By observing the matrix M, we know that there are three number of ones(1ís) in the matrix, right? I think there is some kind of code we can use: using for loops, if statements , and so on. I think the concept is simple that is if you see any 1ís in the matrix; send some type of message as an output.
    HINT: we know the size of the matrix: So,
    // size of the matrix M is: // size (M)
    // int x=size of matrix;
    // for ( int i=0,  size of matrix)
    // using if statement // we are using the condition that if ( 1) is found in the matrix,// send some type of message as an output may be a cout string.
    Let me know if you understand the question, please.

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    i would use a for loop and iterate through the matrix, use a counter variable that is initialized to 0, and add one to it whenever you come across a 1. post some code for more help
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