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    String Library & Appending Integer :: C++


    I am stuck with an intesting problem with the string library. Let say declare a string (empty). To start out, I append a statement. Afterward, I want to append an integer and end it with a char. For example:

    string strTemp;

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
    strTemp += "Count down: ";
    strTemp += i; // Problem!
    strTemp += '...";
    cout << strTemp.c_str() << endl;

    The output of the code above will looking something like:

    Cout download: *character that 0 represents*
    Cout download: *character that 1 represents*
    Cout download: *character that 2 represents*
    Cout download: *character that 3 represents*
    Cout download: *character that 4 represents*

    The output I want is:

    Cout download: 0
    Cout download: 1
    Cout download: 2
    Cout download: 3
    Cout download: 4

    Is there a way to append or concatenate an integer into a string variable and have the string variable store the integer as an integer instead of the ACSII character the integer represents?


    P.S. I experience the same problem with STL container. Furthermore, the problem remains even if I switch from a string to a vector<int>. It seems the two do not mix.

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    Well, a string is a container of characters, so you're not going to be able to store an int as an actual int in a string. One way to deal with this is to convert the int into a string first, and then append it.

    There's also a little trick you can use, if you're sure that your integer is only one digit, you can convert it to the corresponding char by adding the ascii value of '0' to it.


    mystring += i + '0'; // Only works if i is one digit


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    Thanks everyone.

    BlackClaw from Ars Technica mentioned ostringstream. It works great.


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