Thread: ignorent noob pls help with some i/o

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    ignorent noob pls help with some i/o

    ok im new and this is my first post, so pls don't flame, i also did a search on this but came up with nothing, so here it goes:

    i am trying to make a very simple program to do some math and print it out into a text file, i want this text file to include a picture, i came up with two ideas to deal with this;

    1. use the i/o to put the picture in.

    2. have the picture in a preformatted text file, then have the user type in the name that they want the new file to be called, then use the ios::app command to add the text.

    in case 1. i don't know how to add the pic.
    in case 2. i don't know how to rename the file.

    any (postive) comments would be appeciated, thx for ur time

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    Not sure I understand. You can't put pictures in text files, they're big binary objects. If you mean like an HTML page, the text just holds a link to the image file.

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    yea srry bout that i thought i could save an image in a txt file for some reason...(im really tire...)

    any way i am working in a dos window with all this code... would i be able to add a jpeg( or similar) to that? if so how

    thx for the response

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    this program is suppose to take info from the user and list out angles, lengths, etc. then i have a picture of a ramp with lengths labeled as their corrisponding letter

    here is the code:

    |  by:        |
    |  start date: Feb. 28, 2006   |
    |  Advanced Ramp Calc Program  |
    |  Version 1.01                |
    #include <iostream>
    #include <math.h>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <cstdio>
    using namespace std;
    int main ()
      //creats all integers
      int n, a, b, c, d, z, width, flatlength, decklength, height, radius, flatheight;
      char name[15];
      float x, ramplft, ramplength;
     // creates loop
       while (n>0) {
             //names rtf file
             cout<<"what do u wish to call this file?"<<endl;
             cin.getline( name, 15 );
             //defines height
              cout << "height(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> height;
              //defines ramp width
              cout<<"total width(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> width;
              //defines radius
              cout<<"radius(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> radius;
              //defines flat height
              cout<<"flat height(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> flatheight;
              //defines flat length
              cout<<"flat length(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> flatlength;
              //defines deck length
              cout<<"deck lenght(in.): "<<endl;
              cin >> decklength;
               //finds the length of z
               z = radius - height;
               //defines the z squared as b
               b = z * z;
               //defines the hypotonuse(radius) squared as c
               c = radius * radius; 
               // finds the length of x squared
               d = c - b;
               //defines the value of the bottom of the ramp
               x = sqrt(d);
               //shows total length of ramp
               ramplength = flatlength + decklength + x;
               //shows length of ramp in feet
               ramplft = ramplength / 12;
               cout<<"the ramp will be "<<ramplength<<" inches long, or "<<ramplft<<" feet long"<<endl;
               cout<<"A printable text file has been made and named as ramp.txt"<<endl;
      //Cand opens ramp.rtf
      ofstream a_file ( "ramp.rtf", ios::app );
      // Outputs to file through a_file
      a_file<< "(ft): "<<ramplft<<endl<<"w: "<<width<<endl<<"a: "<<x<<endl<<"d: "<<decklength<<endl<<"f: "<<flatlength<<endl<<"h: "<<height<<endl;
      // Close the file stream explicitly
               //starts loop over
               cout<<"Press any number to repeat: "<<endl;
      cin >> a;
      if (a == 1) {
               n = 1;

    there is some extra stuff in there htat will be used later...

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