I am creating a program to access PDA. So I have looked at their documentation and then downloaded their SDK
  1. Eclipse
  2. Libs
  3. Palm Emu/Simu/....
  4. Cygwin - they use it...

So, after copy thew DLL from CYGWIN to Win/System then I can execute simple code, like hello world and scanf.
but I cannot execute their (palm) functions
there is this error :
undefined reference to `CmGetSystemHotSyncExecPath(char*, int*)@8'
better, it is defined in condmgr.h but it does not find the source of this function. WHERE IS THIS?

i tried to change the order of the includes, I tried to set a lot of lib, directories and dll in the propriety of the project, but did not work.

So, I am just trying to call a function from condmgr.h and it does not work. Does anybody know how I can find this function? Better, how can I tell my program using Eclipse that this function is in "condmgr.dll", for example?

#include <Windows.h>
#include "condmgr.h"
#include <stdio.h>

using namespace std;   

int main ()
	int err; 
	int* piSize;
	TCHAR* path;
	printf("Hello world");
	err = 3;
	err = CmGetSystemHotSyncExecPath(path, piSize);
	if ( err == 0 ) 
		printf("\nI found the system");
		printf("\nUps, I did not find the system, but, at least, I compile!");
    scanf("\n%d", &err);