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    Learning C++

    Hi all

    can anyone help ive just started leanring c++ from a book leanr c++ in 21 days and got to the first bit code and im bit confussed about i written the code in notepad it then says i need to have three files for the code to work

    a source code that be the notpad file

    complie a source code into a obj file

    then link my obj file to any need libraries to produce an executble program.

    the first bit i got but how do i get the other two files is it just case saving the source code as test.ppc then test.obj then test.exe

    any help be very nice or if anyone can surgest a good program to use or any book or information that worth look at please let me know

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    i written the code in notepad it then says i need to have three files for the code to work
    You need a piece of software called a "compiler". It will take the text you wrote and turn it into a program that you can execute. Generally, compilers are combined with what's called an IDE(Integrated Development Environment), which is like a fancy text editor with various features for writing code and figuring out any errors.

    Getting free compilers setup is a pain, or you can buy one from MS for lots of $$.

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    Borland compiler is free,
    Dev C++ also??
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    I would highly recommend Dev-C++ I have been using it ever since I started programming. There are lots more out there, this is just the one I really like. Also, there is almost no doubt in my mind that the code in that book is outdated I would suggest a more up to date book.
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    Borland has an old but free compiler (do NOT get the ones from the BDN museum, they're ATT C++ compilers, not ISO).
    Microsoft has 2 free compilers (2003 and 2005 versions of VC++).
    Intel has a free compiler, for Linux only though (but then Borland and Microsoft versions are Windows only).

    And that's it for compilers that are (in their commercial versions) actually used in the real world (read, that you will find in companies).

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