Thread: Tutorial Linux compatable???!

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    Question Tutorial Linux compatable???!

    Is the code in the tutorials Linux compatable?! If not can someone recommend a good book?

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    linux compat.

    my experience so far is that most of the code and for that matter most of the advice i have received from here is compatible with linux. i use rh 7.2 and g++ 2.96.
    my advice to you is:
    1. post your questions on the linux board.
    2. let folks know you are a nixer.
    after all we *nix'er types need to get the word out (shout it from the highest mountain) linux is the greatest.... i'll reserve the rest of this rant for another board


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    Why wouldn't it be compatible with Linux? All C++ is the same, and all the standard libraries are mostly the same. That's why C++ is so easy...Standardization.
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    gnu-ehacks is absolutley correct
    the only incompatibilities i have run into is when using system calls like *nix = system("clear")
    i imagine this could also be an issue in the opening and closing of files because of the dos use of file extensions??

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