Thread: Input/Output to external files, I NEED HELP!!

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    Input/Output to external files, I NEED HELP!!

    Please help me!

    I am trying to make a program that searches through a .txt file for email adresses. The best way to separate them I think would be to use something that takes the word from a everything before an @ symbol until a space, coma, semicolon, or greater than or less than symbol, and everything after the @ symbol until 3 letters after the first period that is found.(example

    <>,; "Wef Aeff",

    Emails are organized differently, so i think that the way i described is a fairly fullproof method.

    I have a medium understanding of C++, but im not that good.

    I want the program to search throught the .txt file, find emails, and delete duplicate emails that are found later on in the .txt file.

    Will someone PLEASE give me detailed instructions of how to do it, or simply write the program for me and send the .cpp and the .exe file to me?

    I really need help with this one...

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    Unfortunately your method is not so full proof. You see... when you open a file, it gets spit out into a buffer that you can then pull from. If you were to read from that buffer until you get to a @ sign, then everything before that would be discarded. Your best bet in doing this would be to open the file, read in a single word and store it into a string, use the std::string's find() function to look for a @ sign. If you find it, then check to make sure it ends with a URL extention. If it does, it's an email.

    ifstream inFile("emailsandsuch.txt");
    string currWord;
    vector<string> emails;
    while(inFile >> currWord)
        if (currWord.find('@', 0) != string::npos && currWord.find('.', currWord.size() - 4) != string::npos)
    Or something similar. Lastly, never ask someone to write a program for you. If they want to give you code examples they will, but asking them to write it and send it to you is just asking for trouble.
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    or simply write the program for me and send the .cpp and the .exe file to me?
    Send me $2,000 to my Paypal account and you got it.

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    Convince me this isn't just another way of harvesting email addresses for spamming....

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