Thread: Cannot convert string to AnsiString

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    Cannot convert string to AnsiString

    I am writing a program that takes strings form a file and displays them in an edit box on a form. however when i try and output them i get the error message Cannot convert 'string' to 'AnsiString' I'm unsure of the difference and am not sure how to rectify this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've included the code if it helps.
      string str;
      ifstream myfile("Entry.txt");
      if (!myfile)
        ShowMessage ("Error opening file");
      while (! myfile.eof())
         Form1->Edit1->Text = str
         Form1->Edit2->Text = str;
         Form1->Edit3->Text = str;
         Form1->Edit4->Text = str;
         Form1->Edit5->Text = str;

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    Try the c_str() function of string which converts to a const char*. Most likely you can assign a C style string to AnsiString.

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