Thread: How do I convert a C char* into a C++ char?

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    Arrow How do I convert a C char* into a C++ char?

    How do I convert a C char* into a C++ char?

    Any help is highly appreciated.

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    How do I convert a C char* into a C++ char?
    Perhaps you mean to ask how to convert a char* to a std::string? If that's the case, then you would use the std::string constructor that accepts a const char*
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    Thanks for your help!

    I've just found a way. I use a temporary string "dept", and it works!

    getline(in, data[count]);
    dept = data[count];
    department = dept[0];
    out << department << endl;

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    getline() accepts C++ style strings, so that is a lot of extra work you are going through .

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    Actually, it looks like thiago_j is using the string version of getline.

    Regardless, there is no need for a temporary string there. data[count][0] is the same as your use of dept. You can use out << data[count][0] << endl.

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    You don't need a (named) temporary string.

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