Thread: Any Book/Resource that helps learn how to build gui apps?

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    Any Book/Resource that helps learn how to build gui apps?

    Hello. I want to learn how to use GUI interface with current c++ code.

    This way, I can have a button that perform basic functions such as replace/etc.

    Does this mean I have to learn the STL library? Should I just skip to Visual C++?

    If there are a few books that tackle THIS concept, which would you recommend? I'd prefer a book over a very inadequate tutorial, if possible.

    I greatly appreciate your help. I just want to take everything to the next level instead of having dos apps.

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    start here, there is more information in that than what would be posted in yours or anyone elses post, unless that link is included.

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    The Forger's Windows Programming Tutorial is excellent. And, you should get the book Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. I think it's easier to start with Windows GUI because there are so many resources.

    The STL is not related to GUI. But, you should get familiar with it. A good book is The C++ Standard Library, by Nicolai M. Josuttis.

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    Yes, I tried a search and read the Forger's tutorial. I am just seeing if there are other books I am not aware of that really go in depth with the API

    But I guess Programming Windows will do. All I want to do is browse for a text file, manipulate that file and save it to another directory (with an app that users can work with, not a console app). So I SHOULD be fine with this book, right?


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    personnally I'd avoid win32 like the plague. It's an ugly old c interface and has been superceded by much cleaner interfaces. Have a look at wxwidgets.
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