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    Borland C++ IDE

    Hi I already have these compilers:

    DevC++ 9.92

    MSVC++2005 Express Beta 2 with Platform SDK

    I was wondering if I can download Borland Compiler anywhere?
    All I can find is borlands 5.5 compiler but this is a command line compiler and does not have an IDE like my other ones do.

    Has Borland created a compiler with an IDE like DevC++ for example? Or am I best sticking with the three I have? By the way, I practice C, C++ game programming.

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    I don't believe they have a free ide, they do sell one with their commercial compiler. As an alternative, you can use code::blocks as the front end ide to the borland compiler among others.

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    Borland indeed has no free (current) C++ IDEs available.
    They do of course have the best commercial offering in Borland Dev. Studio (which is up for sale with the entire department and product line at this time).

    Of course MS VC 2003 is also not free (at least if you want the IDE), though I suspect there to be quite a few pirated versions around so people might get the impression sometimes.

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