Thread: bioskey() - please help me out

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    bioskey() - please help me out

    ok, i heard of this bioskey thing. I guess you type something like:

    int key=bioskey(0);

    That will print the id number of whatever key you press, no? Doing that you could find the id numbers of the keys, and use arrow keys for moving the cursor around, no? I want to use it in my tic tac toe game - to move the blinking cursor around to each spot using the arrow keys. Could someone explain exactly how this function works? it is in bios.h. Also, how do you get the blinking cursor, but not waiting for input. know what i mean? so i want the blinking cursor to move around an array, controlled with the arrow keys, and if you click enter while the cursor is at a certain spot in the array, it makes the corresponding move. Could someone explain bioskey() and how to get the blinking cursor?

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    I'm not sure if this will help, but I looked on google and found this.
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