Thread: Best C++ book ever read?

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    Best C++ book ever read?

    I think the best C++ book I have read and still own is

    C++ how to progran 4th edition from delphi productions.

    A close second would be C++ a begginers guide.

    Worst C++ book I read and still own has to be C++ for dummies.
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    What is the best and worst books you have read or own?

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    "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days(at least one edition ago)" After 5 chapters, I was so disgusted with it, I threw it in the trash. So without knowing any C++, how did I know it was terrible? The book itself wasn't internally consistent and/or it left out clear explanations of concepts used in the code examples.


    "Ivor Horton's Beginning C++". It's difficult, though. The problems(with downloadable solutions) at the end of every chapter are challenging. Furthermore, I recommend that any beginning programmer who reads this book skip the section on bitwise operators in Chapter 3. It is an overly complex section and comes way too early in a book targeting beginning programmers. Nothing else in the book relies on that section, so just skip it. The book also serves as a great reference when you are done with it.

    I have now come around to the belief that the best way to learn a programming language is to start with something easier that gives a broad overview of the language without getting into all the nitty gritty details. So lately, I have been recommending the Beginner's Guide series.

    I also think you need to have two books when studying any language: one main book, and another one you can use as a reference to look up stuff that is confusing in your main book. I think studying "C++: A Beginner's Guide" and using "Ivor Horton's Beginning C++" as reference would be a great combination.

    After reading "C++: A Beginner's Guide", a great next book would be "Accelerated C++".
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    Best: C++ Coding Standards by Sutter and Alexandrescu.

    All the best practices that I wasn't taught in school, but had to assemble on my own through a pile of reference books and reading forums like this one, is summarized perfectly in this book.

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    I'm currently reading Sam's C++ Primer Plus (fourth edition.) I ordered it because of the reviews I read on amazon and so far so good. It focuses on giving you an overview of the language at first, then proceeds to fill in the holes.

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    Effective C++ by Scott Meyers
    Not only will you come away with a better understanding of C++ but it'll help you understand when, where and why to use certain features (as opposed to most books which simply focus on how)

    also either 'The C++ programming language' or the C++ Annotated Reference Manual both by my mate Bjarne!
    It's the reference to the language, by the guy who designed it. Invaluable for looking up the exact rules visual C++ 6 so blithely ignores.
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    My favorite by far is the User Manual for Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS. It's a weird selection I know, but I stand by it. It went in a logical order, explained things in an understanable way, and then gave you all the specifics and details to cover odd situations. It was the one that helped me most in learning and makes an excellent reference.

    The worst was one of those "Teach Yourself ..." or "... for Dummies" books. I don't recall which one exactly, but it was extremely disjointed and explained at a poor level.

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