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    Pointer help

    Hey guys I was trying to add a pointer to the code below to that it will also count ints that occur in one line in a text file for example if in one line there was:

    int j,l,k; int t; int p;.

    But my pointer is all wrong could someone point out where I went wrong?

    (I know this isnt the best way to do this using arrays but its the way I have to do it thanks.)

    char * ch = array;
    char array [200];
    ifstream file;; 
    	if (file.is_open()) 
                 while (file.getline( array, sizeof(array) ))
                           	if( ( ch=strstr ( array, "int " )) != 0 )
                              for (i =0; i <sizeof(array)  ; i++
                                if (array[i]==',')
    				if (array[i]==';')

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    Just at first glance:
    char * ch = array;
    char array [200];
    You are assigning array to ch* before you declare array. Try switching the order of these lines.
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    You know, there are about half a dozen live threads from you all covering basically the same problem.

    Not only is this annoying, it's also really hard to give you any kind of advice in a coherent manner. If you're also playing this board off against several other boards as well, that's a huge flood of conflicting information. You're not going to solve the problem like that at all.

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    What do you mean, Salem?
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